Monday, November 14, 2016

Concerned Citizen

Concerned Citizen – Link to Video

Artist Statement

           This week’s project emphasized the importance of being an active and involved citizen in society.  Our society is ever struggling, and we are seeing an increasing amount of hate in the world.  That is why it is important for us as citizens to cultivate love and service.  In her article, Arlene Goldbard emphasizes the relationship between culture and community.  As she stated, we live in a time of rapid cultural change.  In an ideal world, which Goldbard refers to as “Storyland,” people would recognize the sacredness of culture.  Understanding, supporting, and adopting culture elements from those around us will support “resilience, connection, and possibility.”  We see this connection between culture, service, and community through figures like Martin Luther King.  Martin Luther King was an advocate for change. From his autobiography and speeches, we learn that he wanted the black community to receive equal and fair treatment; but never wanted to sacrifice culture.  He wanted to foster a community of togetherness, where different cultures could work together and benefit one another.  His service to his community and his country greatly shaped the world we live in today.
            Inspired by these cultural activists, we chose to highlight Addiction Recovery Sponsor Dave Anderson.  In our interview, Dave explained his previous struggle with a drug and alcohol addiction.  His addictions lead to a life of struggle, pain, and heartache.  Eventually, Dave was able to receive help through a rehabilitation center.  During his journey to recovery, Dave felt drawn to his Native American ancestry and culture. He found solace and peace through traditional Native American practices.  At the end of the process, Dave was a reformed man. He felt relief and wanted to provide other struggling souls this same relief.  Thus he began his job as a Sponsor for rehabilitation centers.  He enjoyed serving others and provided a beacon of hope for many people.  Furthermore, Dave decided to share elements of his Native American culture with others in hopes that they would find the same peace he once experienced. He often invites young people from the rehabilitation centers to Navajo sweat lodges, where he hopes they will experience mental and spiritual healing. 

            In summary, Dave Anderson is a man who feels he has been healed through a culture of spirituality, kindness and hope.  He has since dedicated his life to serving his fellow men, guiding others through the healing process and implementing elements of his culture into that process.  We feel lucky to have interviewed Dave, as we feel he embodies the spirit of servitude demonstrated by Martin Luther King and the open heart of the artists in “Storyland.”

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